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Most of the travel agency business has shifted online and as there is massive increase on web base client. Covid-19 has change the dimension of the world as well and this has also solid impact on the Travel agency industry where the traveller preferring to book online instead of traditional way of shop.

Online Competition

The current era is all depending on the IT. In today’s world, the there is lot more competition and success is only knocking the door of those travel company how are innovating themselves and take the full advantage of advance application and prommgragings. The travel agent whose websites are giving the Realtime online prices are far better than those who do not have.

How our product to give you boost

At this point, Cosmos international can play a vital role to encourage your business that it stands out from the typical travel agent. By the struggles of many years, the team of our professional software developers have developed and designed the Travel API which is already tested and in use by few UK based Travel agency. They are quite satisfied and taking the full advantage to grab the online clients. The travel API can easily integrated with your any kind of website framework and boom ! Here the magic start, once it integrated on your web, your client will have access to search the thousands of flights from hundreds of airlines worldwide with real time price / availability. After searching the flights, they can book it online or send you inquiry in matter of seconds. This will drastically increase the client inquires, booking ratio, off course the profitability.

The below are the silent feature of this budget friendly Travel API.

  1. All Domestic and International Flights worldwide
  2. Showing the Real time prices
  3. Multiple Parameter to show like Flight #, Arrival / Deptaure Timings, flight duration, Baggage allowance and lot more
  4. Lot of Flexibility to search Return Fligt, oneway, Encomy, Business class, Adult Child and infant etc.
  5. Different currency option to show the price as per your origin
  6. Can add / less the Price (Mark Up) for better comipition
  7. Easy and Quick Integration on any kind of website
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